The Suga’| The Giving Keys

Nothing is sweeter than the joy of giving.

PGK Create
Image via Precious Metals

Quick story. This past Christmas, I was given a wooden cross for Christmas which I loved but I only had it a short time. My friend’s mother is currently being treated for cancer and God put it on my heart to give my cross to her. I fought with a little doubt because I really liked it but I was obedient and gave it to her and I absolutely made her beyond happy.

These “giving” keys remind me of that cross and importance of paying it forward. These keys are made from repurposed keys (coated in gold and silver) from people transitioning out of homelessness. The wearer of this key is to pass on the key and the message to whomever they meet that they feel is in need of the message in order to continue the chain of hope.

I wish that I could pass this one on to all of you.

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5 thoughts on “The Suga’| The Giving Keys

  1. I have a Pay It Forward Friday series on my blog and I would love to feature this wonderful concept of The Giving Keys you just shared:) I stick to my guns about giving credit where it’s due so I will be linking the post back to you; would that be ok with you?


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