It’s a Barbie world!| Barbie Lifestyle Products

I love Barbie! I love pink! When I was growing up I wanted to design Barbie dolls.This post is a celebration of Barbie and here are some great lifestyle products that celebrate Barbie too!

Absolutely fabulous!

On a side note: I realize that there are Barbie haters out there but I’m not one of them. They say “She’s too sexy, she’s not diverse, she’s not smart, she’s this and she’s that”. I get it but Barbie has always just been Barbie. She’s a DOLL and she’s WHATEVER your child wants her to be no matter what’s on the box. My Barbie’s were models and they owned a company called Kipps Computers. Smart and beautiful. Enjoy!

One thought on “It’s a Barbie world!| Barbie Lifestyle Products

  1. I enjoy Barbie. I enjoy the new versions as well. You can actually thank Lammily for my doll hobby, lol – she started me down this path and now I have several Barbies, Mixis, Prettie Girls, Liv, and others 🙂

    I also don’t think that love of dolls should just be for children I mean, maybe Mattel knows that because they’re marketing Barbie products to adults. Or maybe they’re just out to make whatever dollar they can. Probably both.


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