8-Bit Fashion Art Prints

red-tote-bag-coverWhat happens when you mix haute couture with 80s 8-bit pixel graphics (a la Donkey Kong)? The result is a fashion geeks idea of classic art.

These were created by designer and art director Penter Yip. In addition to designing bad a** fashion art prints, Penter  runs an online fashion sketchbook line called Fashionary  (Fashion+Dictionary+Diary).

Much to my glee, this design has a nostalgic video game feel that calls to child of the 80s inside of me. I wish that my son’s Minecraft had designer skins and were this fashionable. My enjoyment of the game might change.

For more information about Penter Yip’s work, you can check out his website.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Not sure if these prints are still available at Fashionary but you can find them all over the web. If you love pixels and fashion, they’re a must! While you’re over there, pick up one of those cute bags.

Shout out to Pikaland.com where I originally discovered this artist. I gotta make this an art lesson.


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