DIY.ORG| Kids Learning Community

Image via DIY.ORG

Ok, this is a COOL site. According to the website, DIY.ORG is a safe online community for kids to discover new skills, meet friends who are geeks just like them, and be awesome. Yes!

DIY.ORG offers challenges based on a variety of skills like acting, gardening, genealogy, history, cooking and of course my favorites, fashion design and sewing.

Kids can earn badges (available for purchase through their market) by completing several challenges. Like for instance, with fashion, students have 17 challenges like Make a Fashion Hack, Draw a Fashion Illustration, Stage a Fashion Shot, Make or Mod Your Shoes, Make a Mini Mock Up, Make a Collection, Design Clothing From Unusual Materials, and Draft a Pattern to name a few. These challenges allow students to get a taste of several different career paths in fashion.

Every kid has a portfolio to share with friends, family, and teachers and adults have access to reports to help them follow what their child’s activity, passions and influences. When a child has a parent that supports them in their efforts they achieve more. DIY.ORG staff act as mentors and help the kids master skills by offering tips, tricks and encouragement when they need it. Kids can also receive help, tips and encouragement from their peer community.

As a mom, the real selling factor is that DIY.ORG is a safe setting for  kids to try social media, get feedback, and be inspired by a community of peers.

Every member’s privacy is carefully monitored by a staff of moderators. No real names or faces are shown without parental permission. Comments are allowed, but jerks and bullies are not.

Parents can sign their kids up under a free membership and start doing challenges right away or pay a monthly membership fee. Membership is just $15/month for 1 kid and 1 course ($12 for family), $29/month for 3 courses ($23 for family), or $99/month for unlimited courses ($79 for family) and kids can take courses in maker faire of all kinds including maker, filmmaker and inventor courses.
I created a profile for my son and I can’t wait to see him learning new skills and teaching me a thing or two about how astronauts analyze soil samples or how to make claymation! And for just $4 for every completed set of challenges, you can get your child an actual badge (a la Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts) that you can sew or glue to their favorite article of clothing or bag so they can show of their skills.
Image from DIY.ORG

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