Old School Classic Literature: Sweet Pickles Books

sweet pickles

Growing up in the 80s, Weekly Reader books were a huge part of my childhood. I can remember the Sweet Pickles books when I was a young child and later the Summer Weekly Reader Kid Kits and as a teenager the young adult series books.

Now that I’m a mom, I’m on a constant search for the great things that I had as a child so that I can share those things with my son C. I’ve recently ordered a lot of Sweet Pickles books from Ebay and so far my son is LOVING them. I don’t know if my son will be a reader like me but spending the time with him and sharing something that I loved as a child is really gratifying. When I finish a story and he wants to read it again that makes me smile.


Sweet Pickles (www.sweetpickles.com) is a series of 40 children’s books by Ruth Lerner Perle, Jacquelyn Reinach, and Richard Hefter and published by Holt, Rinehart & Winston, having sold over 50 million copies. The books are set in the fictional town of Sweet Pickles and are about anthropomorphic animals with different personalities and behavior. There are 26 animals—one for each letter of the alphabet. The books were published in 1977 and went out of print in the mid-1990s. From Wikipedia Check out the Sweet Pickles friends on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google Plus. I know that I’ll be sharing the YouTube videos with Cam.


Check out the official Facebook page and look around Ebay or Etsy for a vintage set or go to Amazon and grab a digital copy or two or three….

What did you love to do as a child that you’re passing on to your children now?

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