Trash to Treasure| Colorful Mosaic Art

Mosaics go back some 4,000 years. While reading today, I came across this article featuring the home of artist Cheri Pann and Gonzalo Duran. Two artists that covered their home in mosaics.

This reminded me of the Philadelphia Magic Garden. I lived just a block over from the Magic Garden when I lived in Philadelphia. I passed by it all the time but I regret that I never visited or even knew that you could visit. If you’ve ever in Philly, make sure you take a look and see the beauty created from other peoples discarded things.


3 thoughts on “Trash to Treasure| Colorful Mosaic Art

  1. I love mosaics too. I used to live in Barcelona, and their most famous Architect Gaudi made a few works of art out of mosaics, you should look them up, they’re some of the most famous and beautiful works of art in the world.


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