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Sneaker Journal

How about this for an inspiring story. I heard this young man’s story on the The Real yesterday. What a positive fresh attitude especially in a young African-American boy. I mean, according to Donald Trump, black youth have “no spirit”. Well, it’s clear that Donald Trump is a little out of touch with African-American youth. This young man HAS spirit and is going places.

Kyle Dixon is an exceptional young man. This young man has a phenomenal positive attitude. Kyle is a 14-year-old author and entrepreneur, and inventor of Sneaker Journals, which allows kids to write their goals on their sneakers and accomplish them before outgrowing the shoes. Kyle overcame bullying and learning challenges and he’s making a difference in this world.

Sneaker Journals are a cool way for tweens to keep the vision in front of them by wearing their goals on their feet.

On the show, Kyle was surprised by D’Wayne Edwards, founder of the Pensole Footwear Design Academy, a trade school for footwear design in Portland, Oregon. D’Wayne’s story is just as inspiring as Kyle’s. As you know, Portland is home to footwear giant, Nike, so Pensole is the perfect training ground for individuals with footwear design in their hearts and Nike dreams. I know that if I lived in Portland, I’d be a Pensole alumni.

D’Wayne pledged to help Kyle refine his design and get those Sneaker Journals on the feet of thousands of kids.

Watch the path of your feet And all your ways will be established.
 Proverbs 4:26

What a joy to see this young man overcoming, living his dreams and helping others. His story certainly inspired me in more ways than one. As an art teacher, this would also make a great end of year project for our students. All you would need are some white canvas sneakers, paint and markers. Put them on display and let the whole school be inspired to accomplish their goals. Kyle also inspired me to continue to keep my goals in front of me and keep inspiring others to dream. What a kid!

Good job, Kyle!

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