Inspiration| Military and Functional Clothing Inspires Fashion

vest inner

Every superhero has a day job and mine just so happens to be a “clothing engineer” for the US Navy. A “clothing engineer”? Never heard of that? Well, my dears WE DO EXIST. Military pilots and aircrew have a job to do but they can’t do that job naked, so this is where a clothing engineer comes in. We research, design, develop and test  flight gear for those pilots and aircrew personnel. Flight suits, G-suits, gloves, anything that touches the system that is the “human”.

How would you style this yellow “vest”? How would you wear it? Does it invoke images of Paris couture?

A fellow co-worker and fashion enthusiast shared this old picture she found with me. We were both immediately struck by the beauty in this functional piece of equipment. We don’t know the origin of the design but we are trying to figure it out. I could easily see this on the catwalks during Fashion Week or captured in a paparazzi photo of some young hot celeb. “Who is she wearing?”, the caption will read.

Looking at this vest also reminded us of a beautiful coat by Charles James that was way ahead of it’s time. Can you see the similarities?


Here are some other looks based on garments developed by people just like me.

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