I Love My Hair Coloring Book

all photos via Google Images

You’ve probably already heard about this new trend of coloring books for grownups?  I even picked up a few for my husband and myself. Research has shown the effectiveness of art therapy in reducing stress, and coloring seems to offer some similar benefits.

all photos via Google Images

Celebrated designer/illustrator/teacher, Andrea Pippins has illustrated the perfect adult coloring book for naturalista’s like me that celebrates the beauty of our natural hair. She created the “I Love My Hair” campaign, which celebrates and promotes self-love, especially for black women. Andrea’s print have shown up as cards through Hallmark as well as t-shirts ( I own one). Now she has this great coloring book that takes it to a new level.

These coloring books are not for kids and it takes a good while to color one of these things in completely. Probably take you a few hours. But there is truly something satisfying as you color and see the color spread across the page.

all photos via Google Images

Admittedly, I haven’t become a hardcore colorer or anything. But on those nights when sleep is hard to come by, it’s nice to have something other TV or my phone that can redirect my focus from the day’s issues and help me drift off peacefully. The bonus is that I have a beautiful piece of art as well.

You can pick up Andrea’s book on Amazon.

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