Design Challenge|Celebrity Collection

UnioncollectionProject Name: Celebrity Collection
Choose a celebrity (can’t have the same one)
• Rihanna – design a dress
• Lauren London- design a top and skirt
• Ciara – design an outfit she can dance in, like leggings and a top
• Solange – design a brightly colored dress for her
• Adele – design a top and a pair of pants
• Drake –top and pants
• Frank Ocean-top and pants
• Elle Varner-dress
• Beyonce-gown
• Alicia Keyes-jumpsuit
• Tamar Braxton-top and skirt
• Nicki Minaj –top, shirt and leggings
• Eve-jacket and leggings
Part 1- Do a mood board and a fashion illustration for the celebrity you chose.
On the board put inspirational pictures, a pic of the celebrity and the accessories (jewelry, shoes, bag, hat) that he or she would wear with your outfit

Part 2- Design 3 more designs to go with your celebrity designs to build a collection (top, skirt, pant, and dress). You can mix and match tops and bottoms, this means you can redraw the same top twice. Cut out your sketches and put them on a board with four fabric swatches.

Part 3- Pick one outfit and make that outfit for a Barbie doll. Cut out patterns and glue the clothes on the doll. This is how we’ll practice cutting out patterns.

Part 4- Pick on piece of clothing from your designs and then you will design one print that could go on the design.

unionmoodboardHere’s a board and outfit inspired by Avril Lavigne.


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