The Suga’|Merry Christmas We Bare Bears!


Considering the fact that these bears only happen to be made in China and I just don’t have time for that, I decided to put my skills in action for the ultimate present for my son. These are NOT for sale.


I started small with clay bears he could carry in his pocket but I had to top  myself. I scoured the internet for just the right pattern and then I poured out my creativity to create THE Christmas present for my son.


Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Update: You can find the pattern for the bear here at Two Owls, with the exception of the special pieces that I did for Panda.

4 thoughts on “The Suga’|Merry Christmas We Bare Bears!

      1. You are so sweet with that comment. That desk was the easiest craft thing I’ve done in a while…well the tea box 3×5 card holder was 😉 Still all fun and keeps us busy right? Keep up what you are doing. I really love it! Take care! Koko:)


      2. No clue why wordpress put my comment on your blog. That was supposed to go to another follower. Haha… Your son sounds like my daughter. She wanted to display her special toys afraid she’d wear them out. I always said…love your toys and if they do get wear and tear, it only proves how much you loved playing with them! Those bears need loving! They are so cute! Take care Katrina!


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