Haute Momma: Momma Needs A New Look

Polished-TomboyI’ve never been fashion challenged. I’ve always been able to pull a cute look together and I often picked out looks for my friend. You’d be surprised to learn that when I was studying fashion design I lived in sweats and t-shirts. Fashion Design students worked hard and we didn’t have time to look cute. Design Merchandising students looked cute. More book work than actual design. After leaving design school, getting married and having C, my body has done some interesting things and I’ve found that while I want to look fashionable and age appropriate (and most days I do) I fall right back into comfortable and black as my style. Black is slimming but I do love color. In 2014, one of my life changes is to begin dressing as a 38 year old mom (see that’s comfort) but also find a style that stays true to who I am. When I signed up as a Lucky Contributor, I came across PennyPincherFashion.com and I found exactly what I was looking for to begin my style vision board. Polished Tomboy. This style really speaks to me. Casual, cool, clean and rough. Soft next to the skin mixed with the clean harder lines of a menswear blazer. Ooo and the heels add just right amount of sex appeal, but to keep it real for me I’d have to switch them out for wedges.

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