Product Love| 3 Sprouts

First of all I spotted these storage bins on Houzz and I had to see who made them. I LOVE them. Practical, modern and so DARN cute. These containers are manufactured by 3 Sprouts. The website is filled with similiar crazy cute products for the bath, nursery and home. Every page that I clicked on had another adorable character staring back at me hypnotizing me to bring one or more of them to my home. According to their website, 3 Sprouts was created by three friends who share a love of babies and an appreciation for unique and modern products. My kind of company. 3 Sprouts containers look at home in the nursery or the family room because they are modern, simple and full of color. When I began designing baby accessories, I wanted to create atypical, unique modern products as well. I picked out a few containers that caught my eye like this dinosaur one that would be perfect in C’s room to corral the dinosaur herd he’s collected.


from 3 Sprouts


Then I started thinking that these are very similar to my Pink Koala Design tote bags (that’s my line of tote bags I hope to relaunch one day) and that I could find a pattern or most likely create a pattern and make my own. Not to sell, just for me. Then I could put whatever corresponding image I wanted to on the bags. Nah, won’t happen I’m pretty lazy these days. The storage containers come in a variety of styles for a variety of purpose’s and feature a wide assortment of animals. Check out their website but be warned, the animal gaze is strong and you might blow your whole paycheck in one visit. Here are a few I love.


Don’t forget to like 3 Sprouts on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for fresh design ideas and product specials! OBTW I didn’t have a product to review. I’m simply going on a visual.


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