Summer Fashion Saturday|Fascinators, Headbands, and Bracelets

Today was our second Summer Fashion Saturday. When I opened the door I saw a huge group of girls and I was so overjoyed. I’m so thankful for all the help from other church members. The girls made some beautiful accessories, got some sweet treats and everyone had fun.

wpid-imag0449.jpg wpid-imag0450.jpg wpid-imag0451.jpg wpid-imag0453.jpg wpid-imag0454.jpg wpid-imag0455.jpg wpid-imag0456.jpg wpid-imag0457.jpg wpid-imag0458.jpg wpid-imag0459.jpg wpid-imag0460.jpg wpid-imag0461.jpg wpid-imag0462.jpg wpid-imag0463.jpg wpid-imag0464.jpg wpid-imag0465.jpg wpid-imag0466_burst002_cover.jpg wpid-imag0467.jpg wpid-imag0468.jpg wpid-imag0470.jpg wpid-imag0471.jpg wpid-imag0472.jpg wpid-imag0473.jpg wpid-imag0474.jpg wpid-imag0476.jpg wpid-imag0479.jpgwpid-imag0477.jpg

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