Digital Fashion Design

I just finished a week of teaching a class on Digital Fashion Design for the Kids and Teens College at the College of Southern Maryland. Can I say that I rocked that class! It was so much fun for the girls and for me. I’m trying to get a feel for working with kids before I jump in with the design studio and I’m positive that this is what I want to do.

I started the girls off making mood boards inspired by a fashion style 1) Girly and Romantic, 2) Athletic and Sporty , 3) Rebellious and Daring, and 4) Chic and Trendy. Each girl was given a style and a pile of magazines. My Athletic and Sporty girl really didn’t like the work so her display was pretty lean but the other three were superstars.

I had them do three front looks and one back look for one of their front looks. Throughout the rest of the week I gave them various challenges.

– Opposite of the style they were assigned


-Future inspired

-Fairytale character

-80s favorite toys (Rainbow Brite, Strawberry Shortcake, Raggedy Ann,Jem and the Holograms)

– Superhero and their alter ego

The week was great and although the hour drive each morning was killer, I had a blast and I loved working with these young women. And they want me back. She shoots, she scores! And the crowd goes wild.  Here are a some pics from the week.

wpid-imag0382.jpg wpid-imag0383.jpg wpid-imag0398.jpg wpid-imag0399.jpg wpid-imag0400.jpg wpid-imag0401.jpg wpid-imag0402.jpg wpid-imag0403.jpg wpid-imag0405.jpg wpid-imag0406.jpg wpid-imag0407.jpg wpid-imag0408.jpg wpid-imag0410.jpg wpid-imag0411.jpg wpid-imag0413.jpg wpid-imag0414.jpg wpid-imag0415.jpg wpid-imag0416.jpg wpid-imag0422.jpg wpid-imag0423.jpg wpid-imag0418.jpg wpid-imag0419.jpg wpid-imag0424.jpg wpid-imag0421.jpg wpid-imag0428.jpg wpid-imag0429.jpg wpid-imag0430.jpg wpid-imag0425.jpg wpid-imag0427.jpg wpid-imag0431.jpg wpid-imag0434.jpg

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