The Suga’|DIY Tutu

wpid-imag0146_1.jpgMaking the tutu on my Welcome page was super easy. I saw the idea on Oriental Trading company and plan to use it as one of my party projects but I’m going to put a simple tutorial here.

You’ll need elastic,scissors, and about 3 or 4, 8 yd (or longer) rolls of tulle and that’s it.


1) Wrap the elastic around your waist or the waist of the person you’re making it for, tie it off and then cut of the excess.

2) Next take about a 20″ long strip of tulle and fold in half.

3) Place folded tulle strip behind the elasticwpid-imag0168_1.jpg

4) Pull long end of tulle through the tulle loopwpid-imag0169_1.jpg


wpid-imag0171_1.jpg5) One down however many more you want to go. I did three layers going all the way around three times alternating colors.

Easy peasy!



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