Why I made the change

Mentoring is one of the most meaningful ways you can volunteer because you can significantly impact the life of a young person. No special skills are needed… just the willingness to care and spend time with someone who needs you. Mentors are everyday heroes, like you and me, who transform a life or a community through their commitment to make a difference.
-From the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation website

I felt the urge to make a difference in someone’s life. To pass on knowledge and open new doors of discovery in a child. I thought about teaching full-time, but that’s a thankless career and I want to have more flexibility in my schedule not less.  Volunteering has fueled that urge and I look forward to teaching for the Kids and Teens College this summer. When I look at photos of other sewing studios, I smile and imagine those kids in We Are Fashion Sewing and Design studio. Those kids are learning and having fun and so are the people teaching them. It feels good to get outside of yourself and make someone else happy. And the pride that I see on the faces of the girls I mentor is why I made the change.

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