Swags and Bags and More, Oh My

businesscard-3.5inx2in-h-frontPromotion. Marketing. Business cards, T-shirts, Tote bags, decals and more.

T-shirts are great marketing. I’ve been messing around with some design ideas for bags and shirts. Just now I let one idea die to replace it with a better and more cost efficient idea.

Of course I’d like a decal on the wall of the studio and I need business cards. I did have some made with a different logo just to test it but I’ll need some with the new logo and web information.

Then to start the home parties will need to put together diy craft and sewing kits. It’s good to have all the needed supplies in one kit so I don’t have to drag so much unnecessary stuff to someone’s home. So I need to crunch some numbers and dust of the pattern making supplies and get started. I’m coordinating an afternoon at my church for the kids to make simple tote bags and this would be perfect time to use the kits. I’ve also created some figures to make color, cut and sew dolls. Inch by inch I’ll get in done in a cinch.

Of course these will take time and money but all are necessary.

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