The Suga’|Hip Hop Fashion

7977522b55c2a8a95802bfd14b1a1fd9I’m a child of the 80s. I love old school hip hop. Shell toe Adidas, bamboo earrings, graffiti writing, gold chains. Hip Hop defined fashion for African American culture.

One of the workshops that I plan to hold will be to create a pair of hip hop inspired graffiti jeans based on the child’s hobbies, passions, and personality.

Hip Hop Fashion Workshop-
In this workshop, students will create a one of kind pair of graffiti jeans popular in hip hop fashion of the late 1980s and 1990s. Students will brainstorm about who they are when no one else is around. Students will think about visual representations of their personalities, use the Internet to print images and use iron on, paint, fabric markers, patches, etc. to create a pair of specialty jeans. Students will also create a mood board w/ illustration to go along with the jeans they create.

Here are some of the fashions of that time.

Dukie chains and kente hats
Adidas track suits and Kangols
Cross Colors
Asymmetrical hair, acid wash jeans, tucked in socks and bamboo earrings
8 ball jackets
Gold and more gold
Shell toe
kool moe dee
Stunner shades and Fila
The Kings of Rap

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