Looking at the Numbers

calculating-business-costsSo I have classes, lessons, parties, workshops etc. The one selling point that I have is that I want my customers to not have to supply anything to participate in my services. However, I do have to consider the numbers when purchasing supplies and how much I’m going to charge for my services. Now I have some preliminary numbers but I still have some work to do. For instance, for a party I need to purchase decorations, tableware, and any supplies needed for the party theme.

I’ve spent a great deal of time on Oriental Trading Company and Shindigz and found some great reusable decorations. These are two great companies (the former the better of the two) for getting wholesale prices on party supplies. They also have great deals on craft items that will be key to my DIY parties.

Then of course I need to purchase supplies for the studio. Dress forms, sewing supplies etc. I’ve been snatching up used and new sewing machines since September to use with my afterschool club. I have some of my own that I can use but still need a few more. I only have one professional dressform and it’s vintage (aka yellowed and falling apart). Purchasing dressforms will take a good portion of my start up costs.  Then of course computers and regular sewing and patternmaking supplies. I’m going to use everything that I already have and I have accumulated quite a bit of useful supplies. And of course there’s furniture. Again use what I have and Ikea for the rest.

I honestly never really took  the time to do this with my first business venture but lesson learned.  So I’m doing the work, researching, looking for the best prices, getting at all down on paper so I can see what I really need and what I don’t.


Mannequin Madness



Sewing Supplies

Gold Star


J Hittle


Etsy (great for vintage books)


Party Supplies

Oriental Trading Company


If you know of any good websites let me know.



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