Business Self-Portrait: Strengths and Weaknesses


“Hold on to the gift. Hold it, Plant It, Water It. Your gift will make room for you. It will grow into what it’s suppose to be.” Tyler Perry

I found this in both the book The Right Brain Business Plan and 16 Weeks to Your Dream Business. I was very nervous about starting another business venture. I wouldn’t say that my first one failed, I just gave up. However, I probably would have been much more successful had I farmed out my weaknesses instead of trying to struggle through them.

Math is not my strong suit. I really would have benefitted from a great bookkeeper and a great tax person. I’m not trying to get in trouble for not paying taxes (although I have my own thoughts on personal property tax).  The numbers are my weakness.

I’m an Implementor, A Specialist, and A Coordinator. My strengths are planning, design, product development, business development,teaching, motivation, obviously sewing. I’ve been sewing and designing a very long time. I have both degrees in Communications and Fashion Design. I’ve taught in the public school system, I’m volunteering right now with middle school kids and I’ll be teaching this summer for the College of Southern Maryland. And I’ve worn many hats in my 11 years as a civil servant. I feel that I’m more than qualified to succeed at this venture. But this time I have to delegate my weaknesses to others with strengths in that same area. The last time around I did delegate my logo design, web design and pattern design to a professional designer but since that time web design has gotten simpler and I’ve learned a lot more.

In addition to teaching, my customers will receive encouragement and motivation (another one of my strengths). The services that I will offer will allow me to showcase my strengths and will not take me outside of what I already know. If I were to offer a class a bit out of my league, I’ll find a qualified professional to teach that class, not decide to do it myself and struggle through. My customers need my best and if I’m not versed in something I can’t give my best teaching.

For my area, my business is very unique. It’s fresh. But I know that I will have to use social media, newspapers, and even signage to get the word out. Once I do I know that it will be received a great deal of customers. Most new things do just because of curiosity but because I’m offering a great service, a long-lasting skill, things will increase fast.

My goals, with my strengths and weaknesses in mind, are huge. I have big plans. An incubator program. Field trips and guest speakers. College tours and shadow opportunities. A nationwide fashion show for sewing studios around the country. Scholarships. A store. PDF patterns. And much more.

As big as my goals are my biggest challenges will be 1) Patience and 2) Funding. My goals will take time and money to manifest. I can be an impatient person and right now I don’t have all the money I need.

This business is all about passion and expressing that passion in a tangible way. It’s bursting with possibility. This business is creative, meaningful and authentic (there’s another “A” word). So as much as my weaknesses scare me, I’m going to move past them, find the help I need and keep stepping forward.

Try to answer this questions:

What is your background experience?

What are your skills and talents?

What challenges do you face?

Why are you the right person for the job?

What are my character strengths?

What are my weaknesses?

What do I truly dislike doing?

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