Blast From the Past

I was going through my photos trying to find some for FacebookTBT when I came across a pic of me in my prom dress. This is no ordinary dress. This is the first article of clothing that I attempted to make. A basic halter dress with a pleated bottom and 4 “pearls” straps up the back. Up until this point I had sewn pillows and a duffle bag in middle school home ec and an awful looking apron for my mom.


Senior Prom 1993- My first original design


I got this vision in my head and off I went to Joann to find something similar that I could work with. This dress got finished on prom night. My mom  was literally hand stitching while the dress was on me. Of course I know now that was probably because SHE found something unsuitable with it. Anyway this was just the beginning. I lost the original sketch but I redid it when I got better at sketching and using a croquis.

Prom Dress

Sketch of my prom dress


Once we start having classes there will be one for making prom dresses as well as a Pretty in Pink challenge class where we’ll remix an old prom or bridesmaid dress into something new and fresh.



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