The Suga’|Now These Girls Share My Passion

Particularly rough day with my afterschool fashion girls. My husband says that I’m upset because the girls don’t share my passion for design and sewing, but I just want them to want to be there and try. Certain girls are great but the ones that want to act silly, I honestly wish just wouldn’t show up at all. Really tired, getting discouraged from teaching at all. Where are all the girls like I was at 13? Wanting to soak up everything about fashion design and sewing. I hope that once We Are Fashion Design Studio is up and running I’ll have some enthusiastic girls like this.

I’ve decided to put the studio near my home for now until I get the business to the point I can have the sewing studio in my desired location.

Website is pretty much filled with info and I’ve gathered lots of information on party supplies for that aspect of the business. I’m on Week 3 in Sixteen Weeks to Your Dream Business by Nada Jones.

If these girls don’t kill my dreams completely I’ll hopefully get through all 16 weeks and be on my way to a life changing venture for everybody involved.

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