Soul Suga’|we are fashion

Fashionable. Fierce. Fantastic. Females. Fabulous. Fresh. Free. Fearless. Fighters. Awesome. Artistic. Alive. Amazing. Attractive. Appealing. Admirable. Stimulating. Splendid. Strong. Smooth. Spectacular. Stunning. Successful. Stylish. Skillful. Smashing. Special. Helpful. Healthy. Happy. Humane. Inspirational. Important. Imaginative. Incredible. Impressive. Impassioned. Outrageous. Outstanding. Nurturing. Nice. Now.

What is this?  To keep it short this is my way of sharing my passion for fashion design with young girls (I found my passion for design when I was 13). So my intention is to start a club that focuses on teaching, mentoring, supporting, and helping a group of young girls in the field of fashion and textile design. My goal for We Are F.A.S.H.I.O.N. is to  help young girls that don’t have access to the larger cities like LA or NYC and all they have to offer as far as design but still have the dream to go to design school and be successful designers.

This is just the beginning. So far I’ve been working with these girls since September and it’s been challenging. I’ve lost a few of them to disinterest. I guess they thought that it would be fun and games. But fashion is work and dedication to learning. I make it fun but you do have to work. Hopefully by opening the program up to more than just the after-school girls and can finally have a really great group.

This summer I’ll be teaching fashion as part of the Kids and Teens College and I’m seriously considering teaching fashion . I’m still feeling things out. I do know that running a business is not for which is what I did in the past. I hate the taxes, the marketing, sales and all that comes with it. I just want to create. Sharing my passion allows me to continue to be creative but help change someone else’s life in the process.

I’m sure I’ll be sharing more about the my volunteer work and talking about how the teaching goes this summer. I just wanted to peel back a layer and let you readers see what I’m all about.

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