I’m Bringing Sexy (Drawers) Back

sexy drawers

from posh.com

What happens when you’re married with kids (Jennifer Garner)

Take notes Jennifer Garner….

The other day I had a doctor’s appointment. While I was undressing, I caught a glimpse of my underwear. And what I saw was sad. Worn, holes with elastic hanging from the waistband and leg opening. I just shook my head and told myself that this is just pathetic for a 38 year old to have underwear that looked like this. I mean my son has better looking underwear because I’m always buying him cute underwear with his favorite characters.

As a child, I loved having cute matching underwear. Cabbage Patch Kids, Strawberry Shortcake and let’s not forget Underroos. I really thought that I was Wonder Woman when I put those on. When I was in my twenties, Victoria’s Secret was always a go to when I made a trip to the mall. I loved to look at the catalogs with all the cute undies and bras.

But that all changed. I can’t remember the exact moment that all changed but I think it was around the time that I bought my first pair of big girl panties when I was pregnant with my son. I mean let’s face it other than going commando, big girl panties were the way to go when you’re pregnant. All the stuff going on down in that region and my growing and morphing body, I just wanted comfort.

But here’s the thing. Even after the baby I still continued to wear them. They became my period panties (ladies you know what I’m talking about). You know the ones you don’t care if you get them messy. Leaks happen. Plus I had gained weight and again comfort is key.

My underwear are a reflection of my life’s changes. Cutie girl out on the dance floor needed cute panties but as she turned into mom, wife with extra pounds and a sedentary full-time job (Note: sitting all day causes your butt to get wider and so does having kids) those cute underwear had to take a back seat to the comfortable roomier ones. The ones with more fabric. My life changed and so did my drawers.

But after yesterday, I decided no more. I went up to Target and bought an armful of cutie girl panties (cotton for comfort but still cute).Then I went home and tossed out all my homely panties (I did get rid of all the big girl panties 20 pounds ago). Now that I’m losing weight and seeing my figure come back I feel like bringing my sexy drawers back. I’m going back to Victoria’s Secret and I’m signing up to have the catalog delivered again.

I guess that I had an epiphany and I realize that just because my body and my life have changed doesn’t mean that I need to give up on myself or my underwear. Underwear is the closest layer of clothing next to your skin. Just as you care for your skin you should care what you put on it as well. So no more old tired panties for me cuz I’m bringing sexy (drawers) back, yeah!

The Suga: Stop the abuse. Once a month treat yourself to some cute panties.

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